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Understanding the Severity of Hip Replacement Complications?

Hip replacement surgery has the potential to change lives. For a man in his seventies, the potential benefits seemed to pay off. He underwent a hip replacement back in the 80’s and had remained healthy for decades afterward. But, as with many things, hip replacements don’t last forever. As the years went by, the implant loosened. By 2012, the man’s doctor was recommending hip revision surgery, but neither could have imagined how that surgery would change this man’s life. The Devastating Effects of Hip Replacement Complications On December 7, 2012, this 75-year-old went under the knife to have his loosening … Read More

How Should I Prepare for Revision Hip Replacement Surgery?

Surgical procedures that involve replacing or fixing a prosthetic hip joint are usually more complicated than a patient’s original surgery. The recovery period after revision surgery is often longer, especially if the patient is older and weaker. How Should I Prepare Before My Revision Operation? According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, there are a few things you will need to do before your revision surgery. First, you will have an initial surgical appointment with your doctor. This consultation will include pre-operative X-rays, bone scans, a review of your medical and surgical history, a general physical examination, and a … Read More

Which Hip Implants Are Linked to Health Problems?

Which Hip Implants Are Linked to Health Problems? Hip replacement prosthetics are supposed to help patients relieve hip pain and improve mobility. Some hip replacement devices, specifically metal-on-metal, can lead to serious complications. The following metal-on-metal hip replacement implants are associated with an increased risk of metallosis, cobalt toxicity, pseudotumors, and eventual need for revision surgeries. DePuy Pinnacle. DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, manufactured Pinnacle hip implants. The company manufactured the metal-on-metal hip implant until 2013 (when they pulled it off the market but did not recall the device). Patients with DePuy Pinnacle implants report experiencing chromium-cobalt … Read More

Is Revision Surgery the Only Treatment for a Defective Hip?

Is Revision Surgery the Only Treatment for a Defective Hip? Metal-on-metal hip implants were once touted as a safe, effective and long-lasting treatment for hips that have been damaged by injury or some types of arthritis. These implants are supposed to last 10-15 years. Many patients receiving artificial hip implants are over the age of 55. But over time, these hip replacements can wear down, and patients that have received metal-on-metal implants, such as DePuy or Stryker models, can suffer a variety of painful side effects – some of which may start to manifest much earlier than they should. Unfortunately, … Read More