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Metal-on-metal hip implants can lead to a variety of injuries. But is there any way to predict which people are more likely to suffer problems caused by defective hip implants? According to a recently published Australian study, perhaps we can – by looking at a person’s genes. The award-winning research suggests that patients with a certain gene are more likely to suffer complications, including painful pseudotumors, from metal-on-metal hip replacements. The authors hope that this knowledge can be used to create a test that will help doctors choose the appropriate device for each individual patient. Identifying good candidates for different … Read More

In the past few months, several large hip manufacturers have announced global settlements programs in an effort to resolve thousands of lawsuits alleging that their hips were defective. In almost all of these cases, the amounts being offered by the defendants do not reflect the true settlement value of the cases. However, despite the small amounts being paid, most plaintiffs are settling their cases as part of these settlement program. In considering a settlement, here are important things to consider. The decision to settle your case is yours and yours alone. If you have an attorney that is telling you … Read More

Hi. Bill Kershaw and I are the partners responsible for the DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip cases. We are providing an update on the DePuy Pinnacle trial that was pending in federal court in Dallas, Texas. This was the very first case to be tried in front of a jury in the country; there about 6,000 cases still pending against DePuy by people who were injured by their Pinnacle hips. We learned today the jury awarded a verdict in favor of the defendants, J&J’s DePuy. This means the plaintiffs lost the case and will receive nothing. Many people are wondering how … Read More