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Photo of metal on metal hip implant

Hip replacement surgery has the potential to change lives. For a man in his seventies, the potential benefits seemed to pay off. He underwent a hip replacement back in the 80’s and had remained healthy for decades afterward. But, as with many things, hip replacements don’t last forever. As the years went by, the implant loosened. By 2012, the man’s doctor was recommending hip revision surgery, but neither could have imagined how that surgery would change this man’s life.

The Devastating Effects of Hip Replacement Complications

On December 7, 2012, this 75-year-old went under the knife to have his loosening hip implant replaced. The surgery didn’t go very well. Not long into the man’s recovery, an infection appeared in his surgical incision. Yet, the hospital went on to release him five days later.

The man would later return to the hospital on Christmas Eve after suffering a heart attack he didn’t even realize he was having. He was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure and given medication to help with water retention. Once again, the 75-year-old was discharged, and two days later he was readmitted.

The surgical wound from his hip revision was weeping, bandages were being replaced every few hours, and his infection had not cleared up. Doctors scheduled another surgery to wash the infection out. Though the 75-year-old was sure his new implant was the source of his new health problems, the surgeon told him removing it was not an option. So, he underwent another surgery.

After being discharged on January 19, the man was back in the hospital the next day as blood and pus began oozing from his wound. A specialist was consulted, and the man underwent a third surgery. Returning home on February 1, the man soon found his strength failing him. Another doctor’s visit revealed renal failure and the man was put on dialysis.

His kidney problems allegedly stemmed from the antibiotic used to fight his hip infection. After being prescribed another antibiotic, the man was quickly experiencing numbness in his legs and fingers. The new antibiotic he was prescribed had neurological side-effects. His leg is still numb from the nerve damage several years later.

This man went through hell. Even worse, he wasn’t informed that the complications could be a possibility. The 75-year-old claims that the surgeon who revised his hip implant never went over the risk of infections or other complications. The man also claims he’s unsure what brand of implant replaced his old implant from the 80’s.

Staying informed about your hip implant and the risks of any replacement or revision surgery is key to your health. Some implants can be recalled years after they have been implanted in patients. There are also funds that have been set up for patients that have experienced complications due to these implants. To learn more, keep following the defective hip settlement law firm Kershaw, Cook & Talley, P.C. Our lawyers can help answer your questions, so call us at (916) 520-6639.

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