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Zimmer Persona Knee Failure

Zimmer Persona Knee Recall: Why was the Zimmer Persona implant removed from global distribution? The Zimmer Persona Trabecular Metal tibial plate (device used in knee replacements) was recalled because there is a higher than expected rate of complaints for loosening of these implants. If an implant lacks appropriate fixation, it can cause the patient to experience pain and, in the long run, necessitate revision surgery. This Zimmer Persona Recall affects thousands of patients. If you, or someone you know, is affected by a recalled Zimmer Persona knee, the pertinent information compiled on our site can guide your next steps.

Zimmer Inc., manufacturer of the Persona, issued a hazard alert for the devices. Affected health Professionals (hospitals and surgeons) and distributors were sent Urgent Medical Device Recall notices via mail on February 16, 2015. As of March 16, 2015, there are approximately 40 complaints worldwide of loosening involving the Persona, of which 16 underwent revision surgery. The most common cause for revision of knee replacements using these devices is loosening of the cementless components.

Zimmer Persona Knee Problems: Symptoms, Signs and Complications You May ‘Or May Not’ Be Aware OfSome patients experience component loosening manifesting in pain, difficulty walking, and/or decreased mobility. However, some patients have no symptoms. In any case, serious, underlying health problems from implant failure result in a plethora of harmful side effects including:

  • Knee pain
  • Malalignment
  • Loosening of the knee replacement
  • Poor component fixation
  • Knee replacement failure
  • Decreased mobility
  • Pain with mobility
  • Revision surgery

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