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What is and is not covered in the latest Depuy settlement agreement? DePuy, as a part of this settlement, agreed to cover any liens. In most cases, insurance companies or MediCare have a lien on the case. For example, if you settled your case for $250,000, MediCare wants reimbursement from that $250,000 for any medical expenses they incurred for your revision surgery. In many cases, it costs $60,000 to $100,000 for a typical revision surgery. This settlement states there are not going to be any deductions for liens. DePuy will call MediCare, the insurance companies, or whoever has a lien … Read More

Which DePuy ASR hip recipients are excluded in the latest settlement? · Only certain individuals who underwent revision surgery applies. · The revision must occur more than 180 days after the initial hip was implanted. For most people, that is not an issue. Further, the revision cannot be a result of an infection. For example, say you had your DePuy ASR hip implanted, later contracted an infection in the hip joint, and underwent revision surgery.That case would not qualify. There is very specific criteria concerning the qualifications for an infection. · This settlement does not apply to individuals without revision … Read More

Which DePuy ASR hip recipients are included in the latest settlement? The DePuy ASR litigation hearing involved a proposed settlement presented to the court. This is a global settlement attempting to resolve approximately 8,000 lawsuits pending against DePuy and the DePuy ASR hip recall. People with cases may or may not be happy with the settlement offer. Below is a broad outline detailing the proposed offer. Essentially, the settlement works like this: · Individuals who had a revised DePuy ASR hip qualify for participation in the settlement program · The revision must occur more than 180 days after the initial … Read More

Dupey ASR Hip Recall Lawyer Gives Updates On Tuesday, November 19th, 4:30 court hearing in Toledo, Ohio, there is wide anticipation regarding a global settlement of all DePuy ASR cases pending around the country. Pursuant to a court order, the details of the settlement are remaining strictly confidential until the final deal is announced on the 19th. However, we can report that any settlement of ASR cases will inevitably provide for an “apportionment” process ensuring individual factors are considered for each case. For example, individuals with two ASR hips will inevitably receive more than someone with one hip. Individuals suffering … Read More

BREAKING NEWS Depuy ASR Hip Recall Settlement Update Hi, I’m Stuart Talley with Kershaw|Talley. Bill Kershaw and I are the partners responsible for providing updates on the DePuy ASR litigation. We expect the settlement hearing will occur later today in Toledo, Ohio. Many of you possibly read reports in the New York Times or Bloomberg about a possible settlement. These reports are from anonymous sources and do not provide the necessary details to individuals with DePuy ASR cases on file. I will attend the settlement and get details of the proposed settlement. We represent hundreds of individuals with various metal … Read More