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DePuy ASR Lawsuit Upcoming Deadline

Hi, I am Stuart Talley. I am the partner responsible for the DePuy ASR litigation. I am providing information about a category of case that is involved in the DePuy ASR litigation relating to non-revised cases.

There are numerous claimants with cases on file against DePuy who still have their ASR hip. These are considered non-revised cases. There is an upcoming election process specific to non-revised cases. The election must happen before January 31, 2015. The election relates to your individual circumstances.

There are some non-revised cases where people have minimal problems with the hip. For instance, they have slight pain, low metallosis levels, and their doctors indicated they do not need revision surgery. Those individuals can elect to have their case dismissed without prejudice, preserving your rights if your case is dismissed. Additionally, the statute of limitations on your case is tolled. Tolling the statute of limitations is essentially delaying the statute of limitations. So, from the moment you dismiss the case to the moment you refile, the statute is not running.  You can refile your case if you require revision surgery in the future.

The other non-revised case is unique. There are individuals with a DePuy ASR who require revision surgery but are unable to undergo revision surgery because of an underlying medical condition. Many individuals underwent multiple hip surgeries before implantation with the DePuy ASR. Their surgeons do not want to operate even though the ASR implant is leeching cobalt and chromium and causing damage to their hip. If you fall into this category, your case does not need to be dismissed. This case can potentially go to trial and possibly win. The key to a case for an individual with a health issue is proving the cobalt and chromium ions cause tissue damage in the hip joint.  You need blood tests every six months and imaging studies (e.g. MARS MRI) to show the damage. The MARS MRI is an MRI for patients implanted with metal artifacts and implants. It can show pseudotumors and other inflammatory responses in the soft tissue of your hip.

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