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Can Your Genes Make You More Likely to Suffer Injuries from Hip Implants?

Metal-on-metal hip implants can lead to a variety of injuries. But is there any way to predict which people are more likely to suffer problems caused by defective hip implants? According to a recently published Australian study, perhaps we can – by looking at a person’s genes.

The award-winning research suggests that patients with a certain gene are more likely to suffer complications, including painful pseudotumors, from metal-on-metal hip replacements. The authors hope that this knowledge can be used to create a test that will help doctors choose the appropriate device for each individual patient. Identifying good candidates for different devices would help those patients get decades of good use out of their hip implants and minimize the risk of injury.

Injuries Caused by Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements

Aside from pseudotumors, metal-on-metal hip implants can cause a variety of other complications. These devices can shed dangerous amounts of toxic metal ions into the tissues around the joint and even into the bloodstream, which can cause adverse local reactions. Sometimes these complications lead to a necessity for revision surgery to remove and replace the device.

Defective Hip Settlement Center represents clients who have suffered complications from a variety of metal-on-metal hip implants, including the Stryker Rejuvenate and the DePuy Pinnacle. If you experience ongoing problems with your hip implant, you should report it to the FDA. If you need legal assistance, or would like to discuss your potential case with an attorney, call us toll-free at (916) 520-6639.


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